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Strategy specializes in conceptual, front-end, and detailed engineering and design. We listen to our customers’ concepts and strive to develop the most cost beneficial solutions to meet their needs. As part of this critical process, we perform field development studies and prepare field layouts, AFE cost estimates, and development schedules.

Integrating the latest industry technologies available, we are able to take our customer’s concept and develop a practical, fully functional, and economical engineering solution. Strategy’s team members are expert designers of projects consisting of civil, electrical, flow-assurance instrument, mechanical, pipeline, piping, process, and structural disciplines. Our technical writing professionals have practical experience in operations and maintenance, and are able to provide documents for operating procedures, regulatory compliance, maintenance plans, and task steps. Strategy’s inspection and construction management professionals are experienced in completing even the most complex onshore and offshore oil & gas projects. In addition, we are capable of meeting your unique design needs through collaboration with specialty engineering contractors.

Whether the project is a grass roots development, a minor modification to an existing facility, or any scope in between, Strategy Engineering and Consulting is capable of providing the engineering, drafting, and project services you need.

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