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Technical Writing

Strategy's technical writers are experienced professionals with technical writing training and practical experience in operations and maintenance. They are able to create documents for operating procedures, regulatory compliance, maintenance plans and task steps. For new facilities, our writers will draft procedures from P&IDs, vendor data and their personal experience. For existing facilities, our writers will review existing documents in relation to the facility, interview the facility management and operations staff and make adjustments as needed to validate the accuracy and enhance the level of detail in these documents.

Types of Services

  • Operations Manuals
    • Design Documents
    • Process Descriptions
    • Operating Policies & Practices
    • Training Documents
    • Competency Assessments
  • Operating Procedures
    • Normal Start-up
    • Normal Operations
    • Normal Shutdown
    • Emergency Shutdowns
    • Emergency & Temporary Operations
  • Maintenance Procedures & Strategies
    • Preventive Maintenance Plans
    • Job Plans
  • Commissioning Procedures & Execution Plans


Strategy's technical writing team has over 100 years of combined experience and we will use this experience to provide the highest level of detail in our manuals.

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